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For Eventbrite, part-time brings leadership quality

The hiring challenge:

As the General Manager of Eventbrite in Asia-Pacific, Phil Silverstone was busy growing the online ticketing platform’s Australian presence. His challenge was to build the workforce in a sustainable, locally appropriate way while maintaining the Eventbrite vision, values and brand.

The brief:

With the number of employees growing rapidly, the need for an on-the-ground HR Manager had become clear. Ensuring they were the right fit for the organisation was paramount with seniority and leadership capacity essential qualities.

To find the perfect person for the role, Phil ran parallel recruitment campaigns for a full-time or part-time candidate through both traditional methods and with Beam.

The outcome:

Presented with a shortlist of vetted Beam candidates made the hiring process a lot faster. But, says Phil, it was the quality of Beam’s candidates that really sealed the deal.

“We needed someone who would hit the ground running; who had the seniority to audit and assess our current situation and not just offer suggestions but implement them successfully.

“The difference between the full-time and part-time candidates was that leadership quality. For us, that’s what was important — bringing on the right person for the role and the company rather than for the hours.

“Three months in and Lucy has had a huge impact already. She is a true partner for our other employees — we can’t imagine Eventbrite without her.”