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Sustainable and challenging part-time careers – Lucy shows us how its done

For Lucy Chisholm, being the parent of a toddler is a privilege but working part-time in a fulfilling role that she loves means he gets the best of her and so does her employer, Eventbrite.

As Eventbrite’s first Australian HR Manager, Lucy is forging a new path for the company localising global information, policies and systems, developing the workplace culture, and recruiting. She is the embodiment of Eventbrite values.

“After developing my skills and advancing my career before maternity leave I knew I didn’t want ‘just any part-time role’. I also knew that my experience as a parent had improved my negotiation, organisation and time management skills. What one person can do in five days, I am determined to do in three,” explains Lucy.

Not every organisation sees practical parenting skills that way. In fact, there are 2.1 million working mothers in Australia, 43% of whom are degree qualified, but less than half of all working mothers will return to work full time. For some women (and men) returning to work after children equates to a career step-down or a struggle.

Rather than work creating a struggle, Lucy finds it gives her better balance: “Parenting is rewarding but you receive little feedback or feel valued in the same way. I am happier balancing Eventbrite with my family life. Everyone is getting the best version of me.”

As a HR insider Lucy has some insight for businesses. “There is an amazing pool of talent businesses are missing out on by not considering or being open to more flexible working conditions. By offering more flexibility businesses have nothing to lose and everything to gain. Honestly, they’re mad if they’re not considering it.

“The world of work is moving away from the traditional model. At Eventbrite we’re looking at more flexible roles — not only do you get great access to top talent, it’s also great for branding and our employee value proposition.”

And for workers wanting more flexible working conditions? “Know what you want and have a conversation with your manager or HR… neither you or your workplace have anything to lose.”