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Elena is building a portfolio career with part-time

At Beam, increasingly we meet people who are looking for part-time work to build a portfolio career. For some, it’s a way to have an income while starting a business; for others, it’s a way to keep things exciting or build different skillsets.

For Elena, multiple part-time roles offer her opportunity, diversity and family time. After a career honing her skills in PR, events management, content marketing and brand strategy, Elena likes the challenge of working with a variety of clients across roles.

On maternity leave, Elena was disappointed with the quality of part-time work available.

“All the part time roles I was coming across felt like a career step down, so when I saw Beam’s philosophy I got in touch straight away. Beam helped me realise that it is still possible to find a role at a senior level that allows flexibility.”

Matched to a role with start-up Wellbeing Consult, Elena has led a rebrand, developing content that will engage and optimise the experience of their community. She’s sharing founder Marty’s vision with the world.

“The philosophies of the business really align with my own around remote working and collaboration, so I’m really excited to see how all our hard work pans out after the launch,” says Elena.

A firm believer in flexible work, Elena knows “the right people for the job can be found from any location, industry and background.”

To those who believe flexibility is synonymous with laziness, Elena is adamant the opposite is true: “you have to be a lot more structured, organised and pragmatic when planning your working week.”

“I think businesses would be surprised at how productive a team can be when they’re given autonomy and flexibility to work in a way that suits their lifestyle.”

The 9-5 Mon-Fri working week structure was crucial when everyone had to be in one location to communicate, she says, “but that’s not the way the world works anymore. It’s time for corporate businesses to use technology to their advantage; I believe a hybrid workforce and working flexible hours is the way of the future.”

We couldn’t agree more.

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Elena’s top tip for working part-time, portfolio-style:

“Because I work across a number of different clients I have to be very careful how I manage and prioritise my time. At the start of each work day I list out all the projects I need to complete and assign a time frame to each. Of course some flexibility needs to be allowed! But I find that doing it this way ensures I can keep on track and allows me to ensure my freelance work doesn’t encroach too much on the days I have off with my son.”