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Ask Beam: My marketing manager wants to work part-time. What next?
Hi Beam, I run a company that’s growing quickly. My gun Marketing Manager Jill is returning from maternity leave in a month and I’m not sure how to give her the flexibility she wants… She’s just asked to return 3 days a week to the role she used to work full-time. I really want to … Continued
How to work school hours — and kick goals
By Veron Freeman, Marketplace Manager at Beam  With school about to head back, I’m sure work is front of mind for many of you. More specifically, how you’re going to get great work done (and advance your career) while also negotiating the world’s shortest day: the school day. Some people may think part-time professionals are … Continued
Your parent skills are a business asset. Here’s how to pitch them to employers.
By Abbie Boulter, Beam’s General Manager If you’ve had a career break to spend time with your children then the thought of returning to work or having an interview might be pretty daunting. That’s why I want to shift the conversation from “parent skills to personal skills”. The skills that you’ve acquired through all your … Continued
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