Help us find more part-time roles!

Thank you for being a part of our community.

The part-time professionals we meet every day are extraordinary. Game-changers. If we could get find a new job for every one of them, we would! Which is where we’d love your help.

We’re always on the lookout for companies that need Beam in their life. If that’s you…sign up here.

Here are 4 ways you can connect us with employers or hiring types in your network. Thanks a million in advance:

1. See a great job on social media? Tag Beam.

When you spot an ace employer posting a role on LinkedIn or Facebook, tag Beam Australia in it. We’ll do the rest. You could say: “Such a great role! Beam Australia might be able to help you find someone perfect.” Or whatever you’d like. It doesn’t have to be a part-time job.

2. Tell us who you’d love to work for

Email us with an organisation you’d love to see on Beam — and why you think they’re great. We’ll use your email as a way to rock up and introduce ourselves to this employer.

3. Put Beam in touch with a business owner in your network

How? Simply email them and CC our Co-Founder Stephanie Reuss: Obvs give them a heads up first if that feels more comfortable.

If it’s helpful to have a template to work with, here’s one we prepared earlier. Cut and paste as needed.

Dear [Awesome person],

[Insert your own greeting :)]

I know we’ve chatted in the past about how hard it is to hire great people. Have you heard of Beam Australia? I think they could be a good fit for you and [Insert company name].

They use part-time as a way to unlock the most incredible people who are normally hidden from the market.

It’s a great way for business owners to hire high level expertise with a lower budget because you only pay for the days you need.

Everyone on Beam is experienced and vetted which means you go straight to the best candidates. No time wasting.

I recommend Beam to people because [Insert thing here] | Beam helped me to [Insert thing here]

Here’s a little bit more information about how Beam works.

If it sounds helpful to you, I’d like to connect you with Beam Co-Founder Stephanie Reuss ⁠— or just ping her directly and let her know I sent you: 

Best / Kind regards / Cheers / Meep meep

[Insert your name]

4. Find a way to slip Beam into a conversation. Employers are simply everywhere. In the playground, at the cafe, at a birthday party. If someone starts talking to you about the stress of hiring, mention Beam! It’s that simple. Things to listen out for:

“I posted the role to a job board. So many people applied but no-one was great. Argh!”

“I don’t even know where to start with this job search…”

“I can’t afford a recruiter…”

“I’m drowning in my business. I need someone fast, but don’t have time to look. Oof.”


If you have any other suggestions, just email us: