What could a professional athlete do for your business?

by Victoria Stuart, Co-Founder of Beam

Who isn’t in awe of the drive and sheer determination of Australia’s sports people? From our AFL and AFLW superstars to marathon runners and paralympians, there are thousands of athletes who inspire us and our kids to reach for the stars.

Now, imagine if you could have someone with this discipline, self motivation, leadership and team-first attitude on your team! Not to mention the brand effect and social reach of these athletes.

Good news. If you’re hiring flexibly, you can reach these star players. In particular, they need roles or projects that can be done 1-2 days a week — or for periods of months at a time (to cover the off-season).

“Dual careers are a crucial consideration for athletes,” says Matthew Pavlich, co-founder of PickStar and ex-AFL legend. “While playing, having a focus outside of sport provides athletes with a balanced life and acts as a distraction from the worries of elite competition.”

Work also “decreases anxiety levels for athletes with regard to financial stability and meaningful employment opportunities as they transition out of sport and into a new career.”

So what do athletes want in their work?

We partnered with PickStar (a community of thousands of elite athletes, legends and sports personalities) to find out some key stats:

  • 90% of athletes are interested in working alongside their sport
  • Why? 47% want to develop a career now, which they’ll turn to after their sporting career.
  • 75% are available 1-2 days a week — others are available full-time flexibly for some parts of the year when they are not competing.
  • 90% have started on a career path already, most through university (44%).
  • 100% of their stories are inspiring!

Their work preferences:

  • Most sports people are looking to work for large corporate organisations, small businesses or within their sport.
  • Working for a purpose is less of a priority for athletes than for experienced professional workers (for them, this is a top 3 priority).
  • Most are at an entry / 1-2 years’ experience level.
  • 44% are interested in learning skills and pursuing a career in the modern economy with roles like data analysts, data scientists, web developers, user experience designers, etc
  • Ideal roles to step into right now include marketing and communications, sales and administration.

Who are we talking about?

  • 80% are professional athletes, 20% are amateurs
  • Athletes all over Australia
  • AFLW and AFL players
  • Netballers
  • Triathletes
  • Surf lifesavers
  • Racing car drivers
  • Hockey players
  • Track and field athletes
  • Cyclists
  • Cricketers

These are real people with incredible stories. They’ve asked us to find great businesses where they can start meaningful careers while still balancing their sport. Meet just three of the amazing people you could hire to your team:

Paige Hadley (Sydney)

Vice Captain of the 2019 Grand Final winning NSW Swifts, and with a Bachelor of Business and Commerce under her belt, Paige has a background in Administration, Marketing and Communications. Paige would be available 3 days a week and has a passion for player development, education and the Not-for-Profit space.

Corey Williams (Melbourne)

Former Pro Basketball Player who played for both the NBA (Toronto Raptors) and NBL (Townsville Crocodiles and Melbourne Tigers), Corey is now a part of the NBL Broadcast team on ESPN AUS NZ and SBS VICELAND. Corey would be available 2 days a week and has a keen interest in motivational speaking, mentoring and lifestyle/wellness.

Madison Wilson OAM (Adelaide)
2019 member of the World Record breaking 4×200 Womens freestyle relay team, Madison has represented Australia at the Olympics, Commonwealth Games and World Championships. Madison is available 2-3 days a week, has a passion for social impact, inspiring the next generation, and is interested in office administration work.

Are you a star employer?

If you can offer flexibility, and would like an athlete in your business — for a short-term project or to kick off their career as a rising star with your organisation — get in touch with Beam or email Stephanie Reuss.