About Beam

Beam is where part-time professionals find great roles and smart employers find high quality, hidden talent.

It all began as a solution to one of Australia’s biggest problems…

Friends and Beam Co-Founders Stephanie Reuss and Victoria Stuart started Beam in 2016 out of passion…and frustration! They were dismayed that so many highly capable professionals — a lot of them women — were dropping out of the workforce simply because they couldn’t work full-time. 

Or as Vic told Steph at the time, “This is ridiculous. We need to do something about it!”

They could see that this brain drain had enormous implications for gender equality in the workforce, the gender pay gap, superannuation, the economy and mental health.

Having come from corporate executive roles, they knew this talent was valuable to businesses…they just needed to figure out how to mobilise them into the workforce.

So having lived this experience themselves, two years ago, they created a practical solution, Beam Australia, as a way to connect part-time professionals with great employers.

Through Beam’s jobs marketplace they’ve placed Beamers in roles with amazing employers including PwC, the Reserve Bank of Australia, Modibodi, The TOM Co and many more. 

In particular, they are focussed on creating part-time leadership roles to help increase diversity at an executive level.

Beam Australia also provides consulting to some of Australia’s top organisations to help make their workplaces more inclusive of different employees through improving the flexibility they offer.

Beam is making a big difference to individuals who can now balance life and work…but also to the economy.

Since 2016, Beam has contributed $10 million in incremental salaries to the economy (through jobs that wouldn’t have been created without organisations being educated by Beam about the option of part-time work) and over $600k to women’s superannuation, decreasing future reliance on social welfare.

Talking Beam
with Alan Kohler

Why are we called Beam? How are we using part-time work to help people back into the workforce? We tell all.