About Beam

Beam is a marketplace connecting highly qualified and experienced parents looking to step back into the workforce and those seeking sustainably flexible work, with businesses seeking (and valuing) their skills. Beam only provides flexible roles, on a contract or permanent part-time basis in school hours or 1-4 long days per week. At Beam, you know what you’re getting and it’s pretty amazing!

Our mission is:
  • To lead the way for Australian Businesses to embrace sustainable, flexible working
  • To mobilise and harness the expertise and skills of the hidden workforce
  • To increase the participation and impact of women in the Australian workforce
Our hope is that we enable parents to have it all; a career of choice, financial independence &/or supplementing family income and to be present for their children when they want to be, without compromise. We hope that you will be one of those parents or forward-thinking companies and will be Beaming with the role or talent you find!

Why Use Beam?

Our Talent, "Beamers", are highly experienced professionals (7+ years) who want to find a balance between a stimulating professional career with their family time. They have a lot to give professionally - focused work, productive hours of power in the office, taking initiative to drive the business forward and to be a valuable asset to the company. They are interested in the intellectual stimulation of their job, being a member of their work team, keeping their career skills current and earning an income. They are available for some but not all of the working week - most are using the hours between school or day-care drop off and pick up to get work done. Trained by their kids to be highly organised and multi-talented, Beamers bring a mature and efficient approach to their working day. Every team should have a Beamer!

Some Beamers work in permanent part-time roles, valuing security and the consistency of the team they work with. Others work on contract, as freelancers ready to step in with their expertise and help through busy periods, with new projects, or brand/product launches! On tap talent, ready to go!

Our Employers value outstanding talent and support family values. They understand that their team members are real people with demanding, full personal lives which provide just as much fulfilment as their careers. They are committed to providing meaningful roles and part-time flexibility for fantastic talent.