Beam consulting

We design organisations that are ready for tomorrow
and where people want to work today.

At Beam, we are experts in the future of work and flexibility. We know that the future of work is a big concept to tackle... the knowns, the unknowns, the unknown unknowns!

We help organisations step into the grey and define the operating model, culture, capabilities and workforce that are needed to attract and keep the best talent now and into the future.

Part-time and fractional work are critical to both the future of work and the creation of a positive Employee Experience (EX). This is our passion.

We take a holistic approach and pride ourselves on skipping the “fluffy stuff”, getting right to the drivers that actually create change.

The human experience is at the heart of everything that we do. We help organisations put the EX at the centre of their people solutions. At its simplest, we want people to come to work and be happy, together achieving great things!

Beam’s team of specialists is passionate about creating social and economic impact. Our core team has HR consulting experience from Deloitte, PwC and Korn Ferry and specialist experience across a broad range of industries and organisations, including in-house OD experience in the banking sector and Australia Post.

We can help with

Workforce strategy

We create and deliver workforce strategies that lean into the future of work. We define the future capability needs and transition the workforce into the modern economy.

Leader and HR capability uplift

We equip HR teams to be flexibility warriors. They are given the tools and the skills to give impactful advice and guidance around part-time and flexible work. Leaders are empowered take their teams on the journey.

Team-based and part-time role design

We take a team-based approach to flexible work. We help organisations move away from ‘accommodating’ part-time/flexible requests to embedding flexibility into every team design.

Employee experience redesign

We are pragmatic and impactful in our application of the design thinking mindset and methodology to people processes and outcomes. We provide end-to-end EX program design and delivery with measurable outcomes.

Flexibility thought leadership

We offer our FlexSmart Ecosystem diagnostic and benchmarking tool to help organisations assess their flexibility maturity. We provide strategic advice on their flexibility strategy and priorities.

Ways of working

We shift mindset at an individual and organisational level to challenge the thinking around flexibility and ‘future proof’ ways of working. We pull all levers to achieve true cultural change and measure our results.

Operating model & organisation design

We look at the broader operating model and work with leaders to design their organisations in a way that enables the business strategy, drives efficiency and ensures clarity, cohesion and collaboration.