• Businesses can browse profiles based on your search criteria and connect with Talent if you feel that their profile suits the skill set that you are looking for. Businesses can also post jobs on our site and any of our Talent will be able to apply for your open role.
  • Beam provides access to a local pool of Talent who understands the local market and can draw on extensive professional experience in Australia.
  • Roles can be both onsite and/or virtual in nature. Our Talent is local and so depending on the nature of the role, you can find talent to join your business onsite, or work virtually. You will just need to indicate your preference in your job listing to ensure you are attracting the right Talent to your jobs.
    1. When you first post on Beam, we will be in contact to verify your business and take you through our business in a bit more detail.
    2. As soon as your job is approved you will start to receive emails with applications from our professionals. If you are interested in interviewing any of the candidates you can respond through our messaging platform and set up an interview.
    3. Clients negotiate directly with Beam Talent to create the role and salary for permanent part-time or hourly rate, timeframe and deliverables for contract roles.
    4. Once you have selected your Talent for the role, you will need to complete and send a template letter of offer detailing the terms of the role/contract (includes salary, hours per week) through Beam.
    5. The work begins.
    6. Beam invoices 10% of the salary for permanent roles or hourly rate for contract roles.
  • The number of applicants for jobs depends on many variables - location, job requirements, hours/days required, industry, salary/hourly rate, onsite requirements, etc.
  • We strive for 100% success in our matches. If you don't find the right fit there is no commitment to hire.
  • Companies negotiate the salary and payment structure directly with our talent. Beam add a 10% fee on top of the agreed upon salary or hourly rate.
  • That is awesome! We hope that connections made on Beam turn into on-going professional relationships. In the event that a contract becomes a permanent role we will collect a 10% fee of a year salary which is clearly stated in our Terms of Service. Any payment to Beam made up until that date will be deducted from the amount payable so you just pay the balance owing!
  • Absolutely. We can even provide a basic NDA that you can tailor to fit your needs. However, keeping client information confidential is part of the terms that our Talent sign when they join Beam.
  • We carry Public Liability, Professional Indemnity and Work Cover.
  • Customer satisfaction is our utmost priority. If, for whatever reason, you are unsatisfied with your experience we will work with you to ensure a successful resolution.


  • On Beam, our Talent can decide whether or not they would like their profiles visible to all businesses. If your profile is published, then employers will be able to view your profile in our Talent search (whether or not you have applied for a role) and request to connect with you. If your profile is not published, then only businesses where you you have applied for a role will be able to view and contact you. This ensures that you can still apply for your perfect role but not be seen by your current employer.
  • Our members have 7+ years of experience in a professional capacity across multiple industries.
  • We accept anyone with extensive professional experience looking for flexible work.
  • We review applications every day and automatically send an email to references if you move past the initial screening process. The speed at which you move along depends how fast your references get back to us. In the meantime, we are always reviewing our database for exceptional candidates on behalf of our businesses and will expedite your application if an appropriate opportunity comes up during your vetting process.
  • Beam is free for all talent to sign up and create and maintain a profile. Our fee is charged to the business once our talent is successfully placed in a role.
    1. Jobs for which you have applied will be listed in your 'Applied Jobs' section in your profile page.
    2. If you meet the Business requirements for the role, the Business will be in touch to schedule an interview.
    3. If you are the successful candidate, the Business will send through a letter of offer including the hours, salary and terms of payment agreed to in you interview. You will need to accept this Letter of Offer and sign their employment contract before beginning work.
    4. The work begins.
    5. Based on the payment terms, you will be paid accordingly.
  • Each job is different so our advice is if you are interested, apply quickly!
  • This really varies—sometimes companies respond to applications and expedite their recruitment process and sometimes it can take a few weeks. The Beam team is keeping in touch with our Businesses and progressing things as quickly as possible.
  • Companies often post a salary or hourly rate range. Because Beam is a marketplace there is a lot of room for final negotiation and rates can vary greatly based on the candidate’s skillset and experience level. Feel free to contact Beam at any point for salary/hourly rate guidance.
  • You negotiate directly with the client to work out the terms and payment structure i.e.: are you paid hourly and what is the agreed upon number of hours per week etc. This will be entered into a Letter of Offer which you will accept prior to commencing work.
  • If you are asked to work with a company you met directly through Beam please let us know immediately. Any attempt to circumvent our Terms of Service will result in both parties being banned from the platform indefinitely.
  • That is awesome! Our hope is that connections made on Beam are a great fit and turn into on-going professional relationships. In the event that a contract becomes a permanent role we will collect a 10% fee of a year salary which is clearly stated in our Terms of Service. Any payment made to Beam made up until that date will be deducted from the amount payable so your employer will just pay the balance owing!
  • We carry Public Liability, Professional Indemnity and Work Cover Insurances. For permanent positions, insurance will be carried by your employer. For Independent contractors, you will be required to carry Public Liability, Professional Indemnity and Work Cover Insurances prior to commencing work.
  • Please reach out to us the minute that things go start to go sideways. We are here to help and will step in as needed.