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How to work through the school holidays…and survive!
Even though there’s no magic bullet, we’ve put together a few ideas to help you win/make it through the school holidays!
At WebSavvy, flexibility is all about creating a happy team
As long as clients are looked after, the WebSavvy team can start their working day whenever works best for them.
Meet Katie: part-time farmer, part-time software developer
Katie works part-time so she can run a garlic farm in Canberra — and find balance in a busy and creative life.
Four ways you and your company can make flexible work better
Flexible work has the potential to solve many issues that see people fall out of the workforce.
The company built on part-time, remote medical specialists
How one company is using flexibility for the health of the community.
What could a professional athlete do for your business?
Athletes need flexible work so they can juggle two careers at once. Are you looking for someone with discipline, self motivation and a team-first attitude to join your team?
At The TOM Co, flexibility is for everyone, not just mums
At TOM, flexibility is a key way to deliver on an ambitious growth plan, by helping employees be their best at work (and life).
Who should I hire next? What we’ve learned from chatting with smart companies.
We know that people are the biggest growth asset for your business…but they can also be your biggest source of stress.
How to write a CV that gets you the job
Your CV is a marketing tool. Here's how to make it work for you.
All the arguments we’ve heard against part-time — and how to win them
We put the call out to the Beam community about all the arguments they’ve heard against part-time — and they more than delivered! Why are we so passionate about this? One: Because without great part-time roles, some of the most amazing, qualified, productive people in our community are left out or employed in roles that … Continued