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Ask Beam: How do I negotiate for part-time when applying for a role?
There are two main schools of thought on this topic…and the one you choose will probably depend a bit on your personality and what feels most right for you.
How a fake inspirational quote led to our 30-hour work week
We say 30 hours and not a 4-day work week very deliberately as the idea is about affording flexibility rather than prescribing how the work gets done.
Your return-to-work confidence primer
By implementing the strategies I’ve outlined below I found myself again, and returned to work happier, calmer and more in control of my life.
Quit work or manage the impossible: Without flexibility, carers face tough decisions
When you’re a carer, work-life balance takes on a WHOLE new meaning. Or perhaps, more accurately, it becomes even harder to attain (if it ever was possible)! That’s why at Beam, we’re really passionate about providing part-time roles for carers. So how does it work, balancing a job and caring responsibilities? For many people, says … Continued
Workplace flexibility isn’t enough. Why employers must offer part-time work.
Employers who don’t offer part-time work will never overcome gender inequality in the workforce.
Elena is building a portfolio career with part-time
For Elena, multiple part-time roles offer her more opportunity, diversity and family time.
The 7 flexible work requests we hear most
We know that future of work trends are for flexibility. But what does this actually mean at a human level? And how can companies use it to attract great employees? We recently surveyed 300 people in the Beam network and beyond about the kinds of part-time and flexible arrangements they’re looking for at work. While … Continued
How to play superannuation catch-up
At Beam, we’re extremely passionate about women’s financial independence. Part of the reason we push for part-time work is that it can help keep women in the workforce, even during the early child-raising years. And that means that even when childcare seems to sap a household’s income, super is still being tucked away. Lumix Wealth … Continued
Sustainable and challenging part-time careers – Lucy shows us how its done
For Lucy, being the parent of a toddler is a privilege but working part-time in a fulfilling role that she loves means he gets the best of her and so does her employer, Eventbrite.
Part-time talent: changing the game
“Elena has completely transformed the business, delving much deeper than the initial technology offering.” The Challenge: Dr Marty Brewster is building an online wellbeing community for entrepreneurs. His challenge was to find someone able to tell the story and principles behind the business with one significant point of difference: as a wellbeing business, they needed … Continued
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