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How to work school hours — and kick goals
By Veron Freeman, Marketplace Manager at Beam  With school about to head back, I’m sure work is front of mind for many of you. More specifically, how you’re going to get great work done (and advance your career) while also negotiating the world’s shortest day: the school day. Some people may think part-time professionals are … Continued
Your parent skills are a business asset. Here’s how to pitch them to employers.
By Abbie Boulter, Beam’s General Manager If you’ve had a career break to spend time with your children then the thought of returning to work or having an interview might be pretty daunting. That’s why I want to shift the conversation from “parent skills to personal skills”. The skills that you’ve acquired through all your … Continued
Trust is key to making flexibility work at Car Next Door
Car Next Door is an innovative Australian business changing the way we use cars — so it makes sense that they’d hire innovatively too.
How to write a cover letter that gets you the job
This is your first chance to make an impression. Make it count! Trust that you have what it takes — you just need to convey it. Think of your cover letter as the hook. You want the person reading it to be inspired to find out more about you, read your CV and get you … Continued
Ask Beam: How do I negotiate for part-time when applying for a role?
There are two main schools of thought on this topic…and the one you choose will probably depend a bit on your personality and what feels most right for you.
How a fake inspirational quote led to our 30-hour work week
We say 30 hours and not a 4-day work week very deliberately as the idea is about affording flexibility rather than prescribing how the work gets done.
Your return-to-work confidence primer
By implementing the strategies I’ve outlined below I found myself again, and returned to work happier, calmer and more in control of my life.
Quit work or manage the impossible: Without flexibility, carers face tough decisions
When you’re a carer, work-life balance takes on a WHOLE new meaning. Or perhaps, more accurately, it becomes even harder to attain (if it ever was possible)! That’s why at Beam, we’re really passionate about providing part-time roles for carers. So how does it work, balancing a job and caring responsibilities? For many people, says … Continued
Workplace flexibility isn’t enough. Why employers must offer part-time work.
Employers who don’t offer part-time work will never overcome gender inequality in the workforce.
Elena is building a portfolio career with part-time
For Elena, multiple part-time roles offer her more opportunity, diversity and family time.
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