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We need to urgently adapt
the way work is done

What work do we keep doing? What work do we stop?

For business to survive we need to consider:

people at work

Reducing labour costs

As an alternative to redundancy, cutting 20% of labor costs and retaining your employees. Move temporarily to a short work week.

Work from home Effectively

Set new work protocols for a WFH environment. Upskill your managers and employees on best practices for maintaining productivity and mental health. E-learning modules or tailored live webinars for your team.

people at work
people at work

The impact of school closures

Organisations need to consider the productivity, scheduling and capacity implications for their working parents. Their managers need to plan for the associated organisational risks. Beam’s ‘Parent Packs’ for working parents and their managers provide the best practice process to follow, including the Role Analysis Tool for a temporary reduction in hours (developed by Beam’s Organisation Design experts).

Together with

We can make this work

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