Beam provides competitive pricing options for top talent sourcing.

Because our talent is pre-vetted — and amazing — we reduce time to fill by 63% when compared with traditional recruitment processes.

We provide different pricing models, based on what you'd like to achieve through Beam — and whether you're after a self-service approach or a process that's managed from role posting to reference checks.

When we meet you to determine the fit, we'll agree the best option. Beam recognises not-for-profit cost constraints and start-ups' lean cost models.

We provide options for gig, project-based work, as well as for ongoing (permanent) work contracts. 

We back our Beamers and believe the talent you find with us will be a successful, long-term sustainable partnership.

Just contact us to chat about what you'd like to do with Beam, or​ sign up ​to start the conversation, ​and let us show you how easy it is and how game-changing a Beamer can be!