How Beam works for talent

Find a meaningful part-time role

When you become a Beamer, your profile works harder than you do (and that’s saying something). Here’s how to get cracking.

There are many reasons people want to work part-time. At Beam, we understand that this doesn't mean you're less serious about work — just that you have other things going on in your life!

Perhaps you're a parent trying to balance family and a career — and sometimes it seems impossible. We know. We’ve been there.
Or maybe you're a carer with big career aspirations.

Or a pre-retiree who has a lot of knowledge and experience but doesn't want to keep working 70-hour weeks!

Because we know you don't want just any role, Beam only profiles businesses offering career-worthy part-time jobs.

Part-time can mean anything from a few hours a week to 4 days a week. It can mean school hours or a flexible arrangement

If a business passes the Beam test, this means they truly understand and respect that you have a personal life and that when it comes to your career, you have so much to offer; incredible skills, superior productivity and an extraordinary ability to multitask.

There are no sign-up fees. Let Beam prove that you really can have it all!

The Process
  • Sign up with Beam (have your CV handy!)
  • If you're a Beam fit, we'll set up a time to meet. 
  • After the meeting, if your requirements align with Beam's philosophy, your account will be activated. You will then be able to complete your profile. 
  • If you find the ideal job, hit the Apply Now button and your application (including your cover letter and CV) will be sent to the employer. If you are successful in securing an interview, the employer will be in contact to arrange a time to meet.
  • Employers can also reach out to you if they think you would be a great fit for their company.
  • When you’re offered a role, you will negotiate the terms directly with the Business. Beam is here every step of the way to help you through this process. No job can start without a letter of offer detailing the agreed scope of work, signed off by both parties and Beam Australia.