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How it works for candidates

Landing a meaningful part-time role with Beam is easy. Here’s how it works.

Before you apply for your perfect part-time, you will need to sign up to beam.
Your Beam profile is your chance to impress employers with your amazing potential.

Create your Beam profile

By signing up you will complete a few short questions along with your most recent CV, this allows us to show our employers how incredible you are. Don’t worry we respect your privacy, only our vetted employers and Beam staff can view this information.

Introduce yourself

Introduce yourself with a short and sweet video introduction. Don’t be shy! This step is optional but is a very engaging way to bring your profile to life, it will give you a better chance of getting an interview.

Answer three short questions

When applying for a part-time role you will answer three questions specific to that role. Way better than a cover letter! Don’t hold back with how much you have to bring.

Hit apply now!

Once you have completed the questions and your introduction, the employer will be notified of your application. They are then able to view your profile, CV and introduction video. You’re now one step closer to that perfect part-time role!

The whole thing only takes between 10-20 mins and ensures your application stands out. Once you have a profile you may apply for as many roles as you wish. Here’s a snapshot of what the employer will see:
Become a Beamer

Create your profile
Profile demo

The three neat ways to find a job through Beam

You apply for the dream part-time role you’ve just seen on Beam.
We invite you to apply for a part-time role we think you’d be great for.
We profile you to employers we know are looking for your skills.

Frequently asked questions

I am worried that my current employer might see my profile on Beam. Can I hide my profile but still apply for roles?

All good. On Beam, employers can’t see your profile unless you’ve applied for one of their roles. You are in control of who knows you’re on Beam.

Is Beam a recruiter?

No. You’re absolutely in the driver’s seat. So don’t wait for us. If you see your dream job, create a Beam profile and apply directly to the employer.

Does Beam only accept parents?

We believe flexibility is for everyone. If you have extensive professional experience and are great at what you do, we’d love you to sign up.

Is there a fee to join Beam?

No. It’s free for part-time professionals to sign up and apply for roles. Businesses pay a fee to connect with Beam’s stellar talent.

I’ve applied for a role. What happens next?

  • You can see any of the roles you’ve applied for in the “Applied jobs” section of your talent dashboard
  • If you’re a fit for the role, the Beam employer will schedule an interview with you.
  • If you’re successful, that’s brilliant. Confirm the salary and terms directly with the employer.
  • The work (and fun) begins!
  • How many people apply for each role?

    Each job is different so our advice is if you’re interested, apply quickly. Beam employers hire as soon as they’ve found their unicorn.

    How long until I hear back about the job I’ve applied for?

    This really varies — sometimes employers respond to applications asap and sometimes it can take a few weeks. The Beam team stays in touch with businesses to keep things moving as quickly as possible. If you’d like help with something, please get in touch.

    How is the salary for a job worked out?

    Companies will usually post a salary or hourly rate range (generally expressed as “full-time equivalent including super”). Because Beam is a marketplace there is room for final negotiation and rates can vary based on the candidate’s skillset and experience level. Feel free to contact Beam at any point for salary/hourly rate guidance.

    Does Beam hold insurance for the network?

    We carry Public Liability, Professional Indemnity and Work Cover Insurances. For permanent positions, insurance will be carried by your employer. For independent contractors, you will be required to carry Public Liability, Professional Indemnity and Work Cover Insurances prior to commencing work.

    What happens if there is a dispute with the company I am working for?

    Please reach out to us the minute that things go start to go sideways. We are here to help and will step in as needed.

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