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The Beam difference

Why Beam is good for people and great for business

25% of people can’t work full-time. And yet, they’re some of the most qualified candidates on the market. They’re hard to find but smart businesses know where to look: Beam.
A (much) faster way to recruit

We know you’d rather be building your business than recruiting. Because Beam talent is pre-vetted, they’re ready for interview. That’s how we can reduce time to fill roles by 63% compared with traditional methods.

The best people for your budget

Beam’s part-time work model enables you to afford really high quality people who are going to be game-changing for your business. Beamers can hit the ground running from day one. No hand holding required.

Talent you won’t find anywhere else

Our talent is amazing — and 70% of them are hidden from the market. Whether it’s because they’re parents or professional athletes, our talent simply can’t work full-time. Talk about brain drain. We seek them out in non-traditional forums, which means we find them when no-one else can. Hiring with Beam gives you an edge!

Top-notch customer service

Our team really cares about your business — and seeing it succeed. That’s why, when you register as a Beam employer, we take the time to understand your business and talent needs — and keep in touch throughout the whole hiring process.

Beam’s talent pool is overflowing with talent to take your business to the next level: CFOs, General Managers, Heads of Marketing, HR leaders and more.

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