Software Engineering Manager | Daisee | Sydney | Part-time 3-4 days a week (applications closed)

  • Post Date: May 27, 2019
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Job Overview

Daisee was initially was formed in 2017 to commercialise some of the AI technologies developed at Deakin university. Daisee’s differentiator soon became our ability to use AI to solve business problems rather than just identify them, and we developed products focused on delivering immediate commercial application and a clear ROI for our customers. Daisee is the bridge between technical AI and commercial applications that enables strategy development and drives business growth at speed and scale.

With research conclusively showing that companies in Australia were experimenting with AI technologies and were open to working with start-ups to introduce practical AI applications to their business, Daisee built a high performing team to tackle this opportunity. Tech and Finance sectors had the highest intent and budget for these kinds of investments, so Daisee’s first product, Lisa (Linguistic Interpretive Semantic Analysis) was an ideal opportunity to address a practical commercial problem through the development of an AI solution for compliance in regulated sectors. The ability to adapt Lisa has quickly translated to opportunities in other industries, and LISA is now addressing an unprecedented depth of call centre issues including customer service and experience.

Co-founded by technology veteran Richard Kimber (former Google MD) in Sydney, we have a unique approach that focuses on creating significant value for clients by blending the best human insights, technology and data to create intelligent products that learn and adapt.


Our Culture

Our culture is open, diverse and inclusive. We are highly commercial, and deliver value to our customers through leading-edge AI technology. Our people love to see technology to change the world for good. We innovate and inspire Australia, our customers, our people, and our owners. We win through collaboration and teamwork. Our business is fun, we do great work and employ fantastic, diverse, talented and interesting people.

Our values are to be:

  • Personally Principled – we go beyond self-interest and believe in ethical restraint.
  • Individually awesome – We are curious, smart, thoughtful, and generous.
  • Collectively brilliant – Together we exceed the sum of our awesome parts.
  • Future Focused – We focus on the important not the urgent to relentlessly pursue our agreed goals.
  • Invested – We are empowered and action oriented.


The Role

As the leader of the Software Engineering Team at Daisee it will be your responsibility to create the most amazing platform for our customers who are experiencing what AI can fully mean for their business. You will ensure that the product vision is realised though excellent engineering execution.

Starting at the top, you will collaborate with the executive team to define business strategy. By understanding the customer, the product and the business’ needs you will drive focus for the engineering roadmap by defining the pathway to commercial software development.

At the ground-level, you will have to get your hands dirty using tactical and soft skills to do whatever it takes to develop and deliver a high-quality product in a commercial manner. This will include adding value to both the product development and the engineering process, but you won’t shy away from being hands on where necessary.

Importantly, you are an inspiring people leader, heading up the engineering team and setting an example for the larger team. You will work closely with the Head of Data Science, and together you will deliver a technical strategy that is innovative, pragmatic and exciting to those around you.


Ideal Person for this Role

You are individually awesome. High-performing, results driven and passionate about software engineering or AI, machine learning or advancing commercial outcomes through science. We’re looking for:

  • Experience. Proven experience with 5+ years in Engineering Team Management. We would also love to hear from you if you have experience managing similar teams which aren’t engineering, like biotech research teams for instance!
  • Adaptability. You thrive in ambiguous situations and dynamic environments and keep focus on deadlines and deliverables.
  • Ownership. You own your decisions and your commitments through empowering your team and facing the tough decisions.
  • You contribute to our collective brilliance.
  • You are invested in Daisee’s success and know that your actions and attitude will influence this through your leadership, your team’s engagement and performance, and ultimately the delivery of Daisee’s stated objectives.
  • Abstraction. You have a demonstrated ability to traverse the gap between high-level strategic requirements and low-level functional business logic, and you know how to get the best out of your team who have strengths in both domains.
  • Prioritisation. You’re naturally curious, creative and full of great ideas, but pragmatic enough to focus on just the highest impact ones.
  • Lean. Because you are creative and love to win, you constantly look for faster and more efficient ways to deliver product without compromising quality.
  • It would be great if you have:
  • Worked in a scaleup that has grown to $10M+ annual recurring revenue.
  • Worked with both commercial and academic software development projects and know the tricks for getting the best from both worlds.


Your Toolkit

These are some of the tools (or equivalent) that you’ll need to be proficient with, to be successful in this role:

  • Application development tools and practices including development environments, continuous build processes, QA environments and release cycles
  • A robust working knowledge of various software development concepts including functional and object orientated programming, service-orientated architectures, application frameworks and system integration methodology
  • It would be beneficial if you have proficiency with Linux, AWS (EC2, S3, Cognito, EKS), Python, C/C++, however you don’t need to be a coder for this role as long as you can talk the language
  • Experience with Haskell desirable but not essential
  • Strong knowledge of SQL and databases (relational and document) or ability to manage teams with this expertise


So you’ve got the skills, you’re still reading, and you’re wondering if you’ll find a good team fit with us at Daisee?

If you’re the kind of person who likes helping something scale really quickly, and loves directly seeing the impact of your work, then you need to get on board. If you love learning from the people around you and love teaching them something new as well, you need to be part of this journey. You will enjoy working with a passionate and driven team of high performing individuals who respectfully challenge themselves (and each other) as they address the opportunities and challenges in machine learning for businesses to deliver the evolution of analytics that is transforming the way industry works.


What’s the deal?

  • Hours: This is a permanent part-time role. We’re open to between 24-30 hours – done as it suits you. You might work 3 days from the office and 1 from home, for instance. School hours works well too. You tell us!
  • Package: Salary is commensurate with experience. We are open to high potential talent for whom this is their next step, or people who tick many of the boxes!
  • Location: Based in St Leonards Sydney (5 min walk from the train station)
  • Perks: Free locally roasted coffee, soft drinks, snacks and awesome table tennis. A passionate and hardworking team, who are smart, thoughtful and generous.



If you’re excited about this role, please apply through Beam. If you can see that your skills are adaptable but not a perfect fit, we’d love to hear your story. We’re super excited to receive your application and we can’t wait to meet you!