Job description

Access Telehealth is a telehealth project delivering high quality specialist care to patients in rural communities and aged care facilities.

We believe passionately that all Australians deserve access to quality health care and we are determined to provide quality medical services to people regardless of where they live. Due to our rapid growth, we are looking to bring in more specialists that share a similar vision.

Who do we need?

Due to our recent growth in the aged care market we are currently focusing on:

  • Rheumatologists
  • Geriatricians
  • Geriatric Psychiatrists
  • Rehab Specialists (we’re sorry, but due to the Medicare structure you can not also be an anesthetist).

How it works

We work with hundreds of rural GP clinics and nursing homes across Australia and we receive new referrals every day. The patients will be physically in the GP clinic or nursing home for the video consultation, with a nurse or GP on-site to facilitate access to notes and examination.

The aim is to deliver you a seamless, fully booked and efficient telehealth session. You have the flexibility to nominate appointment length and session duration and will be provided with all the required software at both ends. The software is web-based, so can be loaded on a home device if preferred.

We also handle all billing and administration and you receive 100% of the Medicare consultation rebate. You can nominate your hours and work when you like.

The benefits

  • Grow your patient numbers remotely, at a time you nominate.
  • Provide your expertise to rural and aged-care patients.
  • Convenient, secure and efficient business model.
  • Extra income for you and/or your practice.
  • Be a part of the future of healthcare.

The deal

  • We’re about as flexible as you can get – you nominate your hours and we’ll manage the appointments.
  • You just need a computer for the consultations – so work from anywhere that suits you (no overheads!)
  • You receive 100% of the Medicare consultation rebate

Hear from CEO Brendan Murphy about this extremely flexible workplace

How to apply

If this sounds like a great opportunity for you, sign up to Beam so you can apply asap!

Applying is easy — answer three questions and record a 1-minute intro video so we can get to know you.

The video is optional though Beam, but we would really like to see one — considering you’ll be on video with patients!