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Our commitment to social impact

When Beam was just a kernel of an idea in 2016, we sat at the kitchen bench with kids running around, wondering if we could create a market for meaningful part-time work…

One of the first items on our to-do list was to meet with B Corp.

Being new to starting and running a business, we knew we wanted to build a purpose-first, ethical business that was based on strong foundations for our employees, our customers, suppliers and community.

So we popped B Corp on a little pedestal as our gold standard and plotted our course for it.

That’s why it was one of Beam’s proudest moments to become a B Corp in 2019. We’re thrilled to join some of our favourite Beam employers and fellow B Corps — shoutout to Who Gives a Crap, The Tom Co and Future Super!

As part of our journey to becoming a social enterprise, we also became aware of an amazing Australian organisation called Social Traders.

This group connects organisations who want to invest some (or all) of their procurement dollars with social enterprises. As Steph’s daughter says, “it’s like you’re donating to a cause with money you’d spend anyway.”

We’re incredibly excited to be certified as a Social Trader supplier now. (So hit us up if you’re looking to spend some of those social procurement funds!)

What makes Beam a social enterprise?

We’re creating more opportunity and inclusion in the workforce.

For now, we measure this social impact on the incremental salaries we’ve added to the economy. These represent the roles we’ve unlocked for our awesome Beam talent — roles that would never have existed in a full-time only world.

Since 2016, we’ve helped add $13 million in new salaries to the economy and topped up women’s superannuation by over $800,000.

We’re also changing the conversation from “just part-time” to “part-time power”.

Through Beam consulting, we’re also driving cultural change by helping larger organisations create more human-centric, inclusive and productive work models through greater flexibility.

We’re proud to be a BCorp and a Social Trader, but nothing makes us prouder than seeing the market for meaningful part-time work grow — and to make the connections between brilliant companies and the talented part-time professionals who will help them grow.

Vic & Steph, Co-Founders, Beam Australia
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