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Remote and connected: How Employsure kept their culture
How did Employsure go remote without sacrificing team engagement and culture? And which flexibility changes will they keep?
Our company works 100% remotely. Here’s what we’ve learned.
There's no doubt that remote work is trending. BUT if you're running a company or managing a team, how do you do it well?
At WebSavvy, flexibility is all about creating a happy team
As long as clients are looked after, the WebSavvy team can start their working day whenever works best for them.
Meet Katie: part-time farmer, part-time software developer
Katie works part-time so she can run a garlic farm in Canberra — and find balance in a busy and creative life.
The company built on part-time, remote medical specialists
How one company is using flexibility for the health of the community.
At The TOM Co, flexibility is for everyone, not just mums
At TOM, flexibility is a key way to deliver on an ambitious growth plan, by helping employees be their best at work (and life).
Trust is key to making flexibility work at Car Next Door
Car Next Door is an innovative Australian business changing the way we use cars — so it makes sense that they’d hire innovatively too.
Elena is building a portfolio career with part-time
For Elena, multiple part-time roles offer her more opportunity, diversity and family time.
Sustainable and challenging part-time careers – Lucy shows us how its done
For Lucy, being the parent of a toddler is a privilege but working part-time in a fulfilling role that she loves means he gets the best of her and so does her employer, Eventbrite.
For Eventbrite, part-time brings leadership quality
What happened when Eventbrite ran full-time and part-time hiring campaigns for an HR Manager role?
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