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At WebSavvy, flexibility is all about creating a happy team
As long as clients are looked after, the WebSavvy team can start their working day whenever works best for them.
Meet Katie: part-time farmer, part-time software developer
Katie works part-time so she can run a garlic farm in Canberra — and find balance in a busy and creative life.
Trust is key to making flexibility work at Car Next Door
Car Next Door is an innovative Australian business changing the way we use cars — so it makes sense that they’d hire innovatively too.
Elena is building a portfolio career with part-time
For Elena, multiple part-time roles offer her more opportunity, diversity and family time.
Sustainable and challenging part-time careers – Lucy shows us how its done
For Lucy, being the parent of a toddler is a privilege but working part-time in a fulfilling role that she loves means he gets the best of her and so does her employer, Eventbrite.
For Eventbrite, part-time brings leadership quality
What happened when Eventbrite ran full-time and part-time hiring campaigns for an HR Manager role?
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